Saturday, August 23, 2008

An apple a day keeps the aliens away...

I need apple recipes!!!! Preferably recipes that utilize non-peeled apples... because I don't know how to peel them because I've never been an apple eater... and never learned magic cut stuff in your hand skills. I love the suckers cooked though.

I went to visit grandma and came home with 2 giant bags of apples.... and the tree is still loaded and she is begging me to come take them away! How in the world do you make vegan apple jelly!? I found an apple butter recipe that goes in the crockpot I am going to put on tonite. I have an apple cake I am going to start in a few minutes after I take the eye "spray" back to the pharmacy... what was I thinking buying SPRAY for my dry eyes? And it's just WATER... I had a lapse of sanity.. that must be it. At any rate, it made my eyes worse, and I could hardly keep my eyes open while spraying it in there... and my checks are red... I look like Santa Claus without the beard!

Back to the apples. Tomorrow I'll make some apple muffins and maybe some apple scones.... anyone want some apples? Grandma's tree is waiting.
To celebrate randomness....Here's another cat. Her name is Minnie after the Big Bad Voodoo Daddy song "Minnie the Moucher".

In an aside from apple-speak... I made the pumpkin waffles from Vegan with a Vengeance this morning.... yummy. My first time making waffles and all was well until the last batch when I burned my finger... kiss it and make it better?


Bianca said...

I'd like some apples...I don't know of any good apple recipes off hand, but I love apple crumble. Sounds like you've got a good start on the apple dishes though.

VeganCowGirl said...

Here are two ideas for you Netters:
1. Make an apple (and banana) curry. Apple is great in curry. You can do a whole fruit curry theme because pineapple, banana and apple work really well with tofu or tempeh with a coconut base curry sauce.

2. Don't peel - just pop the top off and core a little whole inside the apple and stuff it with either sweet or savory stuff....yum. That's so cool that you got a load of apples. I am jealous. Have fun with the muffins.

Tracy said...

I love Minnie! : )

ps. I have an apple corer/peeler from Pampered Chef (but I believe other places make them too) and it works miracles...